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Sample Work

As a demonstration of my knowlege of work, these samples are available for you to view and takes notes from. I do not participate in any skills challenge or tests of any kind unless I am compensated for my time. I refuse to work off the clock.

By accessing any source code I make available as a sample, you agree that it is provided as a reference of my skillset and my not be used in any, shape, or form in one of your (or your company’s) projects.

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Document Conversion

This takes an image of a table and converts it to a proper table that is fully Section 508 & WCAG compliant.

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MBA Self-Check Quiz

Took a self-check quiz for Graduate level MBA students and made it fully WCAG compliant

Source Code Not Available

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The amount of emails I get where the job doesn’t match my criteria can be overwhelming. This questionnaire attempts to weed out the non-starters (for example, I’m not ready to relocate).

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Raggiesoft Book Reader

RaggieSoft Book Reader is my attempt to combine multiple programming languages into one piece of software.

Coming Soon!
Contact Me

Thank you for your interest in me. Before we begin, here is a little bit about me:

  • I am a PHP web developer (open to learning new languages)
  • I live in Norfolk, Virginia
  • I am not open to relocation
  • My speciality is fixing websites for Section 508 and WCAG compliance

Is this what you are interested in?

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