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Welcome to Michael Ragsdale’s Portfolio!

Pronouns: He, Him, His

I build websites that are accessible by design. Using PHP (and willing to learn other languages), I take care of WCAG as well as Section 508 compliance. I catch accessibility errors that pass right through the automated checking tools.

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What are my Skills?

My skills in HTML date back to 1997, 27 years ago. Other skills would come online over the course of the years, starting with my first forays into development on the Windows operating system in 1998 using Visual Basic 6.0, and currently I pride myself in building websites that are responsive, pay attention to your system’s Dark Mode settings, and — most importantly — follow Web Content Accessibility Guidelines to allow people of all abilities to browse my work.

I build websites that utilize prefers-color-scheme and prefers-reduced-motion to make them look and work great for persons of all abilities. I also write works of fiction and the C♯ based viewer to display them.

My professional web development background is in public higher education where I was a part of the team that made WCAG fixes, as well as part of the team that migrated the entire university from two online learning platforms that did not communicate with each other to a single unified online learning environment that makes it easier for the students and instructors to facilitate learning in an online environment.

What I Can Do

Section 508 & WCAG


Book Reader

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I am open to work in the web development field. Please use the Contact Me link below to access my calendar, resume, and my salary expections. In addition, please have a look at my samples as well as my skillset.

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